Equipment We Use

This is the list of equipment we primarily use.


Capt. Jitka Hanakova



- Doubles and single tanks: Apex DS4 and TX50
- Deco bottles: Apex DST and TX50
- Argon bottle: generic


Buoyancy Compensator (BCD)

Rebreather: Light Monkey wing;
Doubles: Halcyon Explorer 55 and 3mm SS backplate with storage pocket for a lift bag.
Sidemount: wing from Manta Industries & Highseas Millwork

Closed Circuit Rebreather ISC Megaladon  


Doubles: 2 Worthington X8-119 HP (3442 psi)


Stage and Deco Tanks

- 6 Aluminum 80 Luxfer (3,000 psi)
- 5 Aluminum 40 Luxfer (3,000 psi)
- 1 Aluminum 40 Catalina (3,000 psi)


Argon Tanks

- 6 Faber steel tanks 1 liter
- 2 Aluminum 6



- DUI TLS 350 (Signature Series Custom) with neck ZipSeal.  This is a great feature as it allows me to replace the neck seal instantly when it breaks.
- Diving Concepts Cordura. 



- Elios Sub – Custom 3mm Two Piece Wetsuit
Aero Skin for the tropics
- Shorty 3mm


Undersuit (for drysuit)

- Weezle Wear Extreme
- 4th Element layered systems.



Otter 12mm off the shelf hood, it is very warm!


Lift bag

- SEEKER RADAR Detectable Surface Marker Buoy from Customer Divers
- Halcyon 50 lbs lift back stored inside of my backplate
- Halcyon 3ft sausage in backup sausage in my left pocket

Personal Locator Device (PLD) Pains WESSEX McMurdo Fast Find in Custom Diver's waterproof case  


- Halcyon Pathfinder 400 ft
- Halcyon Defender Spool 150ft
- A variety of Light Monkey reels and spools, as well as a Larry Green primary and secondary reel reserved for cave diving.



Various knifes, line cutters, butter knifes, etc.



- Custom 24W light by Howard Sandroff
- Hydrolight hand held light
- Halcyon scout lights (backup lights)



- Shearwater Pursuit with CCR mode
- Shearwater Predator with CCR mode.
- Aladin TEC 2G in gauge mode as backup
- 2 Uwatec bottom timers



I had one. Where is it?



Hollis with yellow tips! It's soooo cute!



- Hollis - frameless mask primary. Nice viz!
- Cressi-Sub - backup



Pressure Gauge



Stop watch

Using Aladin TEC 2G in gauge mode instead.

Scooter Silent Submersion SS-19  

- Sony NEX-7 Digital Camera Kit with 18-55 - Black
- Sony 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens (E Mount for NEX Cameras) for underwater

- Nauticam NA-NEX7 Underwater Housing for Sony NEX-7 Camera
- Nauticam E Mount 4.33” Fisheye Dome Port for Sony NEX System

- Sartek high-power LED flood lights

Klein Sidescan Sonar  
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