Expedition Diving

Expedition diving is considered more advanced and requires additional training, experience, and equipment. We consider shipwrecks bellow 300ft to be expedition type diving in the Great Lakes. Why would we want to dive that deep and what is there to see, you ask? The same reason people ventured to the moon or the abyss of the Mariana trench. We are explorers in search of new discoveries and often times the untouched and unseen but perfectly preserved shipwrecks lay in these deep waters. We have invested in a sidescan sonar equipment in order to help us find these treasures. We have already accomplished a number of discoveries; one of them being the L.R. Doty steamer off of Milwaukee at 320ft of water, which was featured on National Geographic Explorer Channel in 2011: The Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes.

The wrecks we venture to each summer include the L.R. Doty, Carl D. Bradley, and Tennie & Laura; but there are other ones that are not regularly visited or have not been dived yet. Some of them are well bellow 400ft of water.

Carl D. Bradley


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