Plan Your Next Trip
The following pages will provide information about various dive locations such as where to stay or where in the marina to meet the Captains and Molly V boat.

What do you need with you on Molly V boat

  • Dive gear appropriate for the expected diving (limited tank and weight rental and rebreather sorb for sale are available)
  • Certifications for the diving your expect to be doing
  • Release form
  • Lunch if the trips will last into the afternoon (we provide water and snacks)

We have a compressor at the back of the truck and cyclinder of O2 and HE so we are able to mix gas in the field; however, due to the amount of time it takes to mix and fill tanks it is a good idea to bring as many full tanks on a trip as possible.

Rebreather/CCR Support
We provide complete rebreather logistical support including bulk quantities of adsorbent, high pressure boosted oxygen as well as air and trimix diluent. We rent 2 and 3 liter oxygen and diluent cylinders for divers traveling to join us. We also can provide reasonable quantities of both aluminum 40 and 80 cubic foot cylinders for bailout gas.


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