Lake Huron - Presque Isle, MI Shipwrecks



Shipwreck Name

Shipwreck Type

Depth in feet

In meters

Presque Isle, MI1DefianceTwo-Masted Schooner170 to 180 ft52 to 55 m
Presque Isle, MI2John J. AudubonTwo-Masted Schooner150 to 173 ft46 to 53 m
Presque Isle, MI3TypoThree-Masted Schooner163 to 180 ft50 to 55 m
Presque Isle, MI4S.S. FloridaWooden Steamer160 to 200 ft49 to 61 m
Presque Isle, MI5NormanSteel Steamer160 to 200 ft53 to 67 m
Presque Isle, MI6Cornelia B. WindiateThree-Masted Schooner159 to 180 ft48 to 55 m
Rogers City, MI7F.T. BarneyTwo-Masted Schooner150 to 160 ft46 to 49 m
Cheboygan, MI8James R. BentleyThree-Masted Schooner155 to 165 ft47 to 50 m
Harisville, MI9W.C. FranzSteamer200 to 230 ft61 to 70 m


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