Straits of Mackinac Shipwrecks



Shipwreck Name

Shipwreck Type

Depth in feet

In meters

Straits of Mackinac, MI2UgandaWooden Steamer185 to 207 ft56 to 63 m
Straits of Mackinac, MI3SanduskyBrig, Two-Masted70 to 84 ft21 to 25 m
Straits of Mackinac, MI4Eber WardWooden Steamer111 to 142 ft33 to 43 m
Straits of Mackinac, MI5MinneapolisWooden Steamer (Propeller)92 to 122 ft28 to 37 m
Straits of Mackinac, MI6William YoungSchooner Barge108 to 120 ft33 to 37 m
Straits of Mackinac, MI7CedarvilleSteel Freighter40 to 106 ft12 to 32 m
Straits of Mackinac, MI8William H. BarnumWooden Steamer (Propeller)58 to 75 ft17 to 22 m
Beaver Island, MI1CayugaSteel Freighter75 to 102 ft23 to 31 m
Manistique, MI9Carl D. BradleySteel Freighter324 to 370 ft99 to 113 m

Straits of Mackinac

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