Wisconsin's East Coast Shipwrecks - Port Washington, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Sturgeon Bay



Shipwreck Name

Shipwreck Type

Depth in feet

In meters

Port Washington, WI1Northerner (1851)Scooner, Two-Masted120 to 130 ft36 to 39 m
Port Washington, WI3Silver Lake (1889)Scow-schooner, Two-Masted190 to 200 ft57 to 60 m
Port Washington, WI4Walter B. AllenSchooner, Two-Masted148 to 160 ft45 to 48 m
Sheboygan, WI2Helvetia (1873)Three-Masted Schooner155 to 165 ft47 to 50 m
Sheboygan, WI5Home (1843)Two-Masted Schooner157 to 165 ft48 to 50 m
Sheboygan, WI6Floretta (1868)Two-Masted Schooner170 to 180 ft52 to 55 m
Sheboygan, WI7Gallinipper (1846)Wooden Schooner200 to 215 ft61 to 66 m
Sheboygan, WI11Robert C. PringleWooden tugboat steamer290 to 300 ft88 to 91 m
Manitowoc, WI8VernonPassenger & package freight175 to 205 ft53 to 62 m
Manitowoc, WI9Rouse Simmons "Christmas Tree Ship"Scooner, Three-Master157 to 165 ft47 to 50 m
Sturgeon Bay, WI10LakelandFreighter165 to 200 ft50 to 60 m

Lake Michigan Chippewa Basin

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