Shipwreck Explorers Newsletter - January 2011

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don't let the snow and cold stop you from having fun!  Here are a few exiting things happening:

Ghost Ships Festival, March 25 to 26
Join us on Friday evening, March 25, as we tell you about the L.R. Doty significant discovery, the events that lead to the expedition, breathtaking underwater footage, and a few anecdotes.

Watch the L.R. Doty trailer

2011 Schedule
The 2011 schedule is online. Starting early in the Spring we will run special priced charters to put moorings on Milwaukee and nearby wrecks and do cleanup jobs such as removing old lines from shipwrecks. Please let me know if you are interested in participating. If you'd like to see any specific wrecks please let us know. Stay tuned!

Molly V Improvements
As usual Molly V is undergoing careful inspection and improvements this winter. She is getting new updated AC electricity, the wooden teak wood under the railing is getting sanded and treated, the ceiling in the cabin is now completely removed in order to patch up small leaks in the roof and update the insulation. She is going to be even more beautiful this year!

Florida Cave Diving
Cave diving in Florida this last December was fabulous. The conditions for diving were some of the best I've seen. FL didn't receive as much rain as they normally do this time of a year so the water levels and flow were down. We were able to dive all the caves we planned and more: Ginnie, Peacock I, III, Orange Grove, Little River, Jug Hole around High Springs; and Madison Blue, Twin Cave, Hole in the Wall, Jackson Blue, and Bozel around Mill Pond (Marianna). We rented the pontoon boats from Cave Adventures to get around the Mill Pond as some of these caves are not accessible from the shore. Ed was very accommodating and helped us get to the Bozel sidemount cave, which we did during a torrential rain and lightening. The locals thought we were nuts... I think we were. We rented canoes at the near by park and paddled up the river for almost a mile until we found a small tiny whole in the water. It was a very interested cave, sometimes very tights, sometimes big...

We also did the sidemount class with Richard Dreher for two days and it was a great experience. As usual, every additional course we take teaches us some new skills and this was no exception. I like sidemount diving because there is no weight on your back and it's such a free feeling of being able to move around in whichever direction, upside down, sideways, and it's so easy!

Here are some trip pictures:

See you underwater!

Capt. Jitka Hanakova
Lubo Valuch (Capt. in training)
Shipwrecks Explorers LLC

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