Hi divers,
The L.R. Doty and Olive Jeanette National Geographic documentary Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes will be showing tomorrow at 9pm CST.

Additional times:
Tuesday May 10, 9PM
Wed May 11, 12AM
Sat May 14, 6PM
Tue May, 17, 5PM

The discovery of a human skull in the depths of Lake Superior begins a story that will take historian and author Brendon Baillod across two Great Lakes and a century of history. It takes him and a team of elite technical divers more than 20 miles off Milwaukee where they discover the wreck of one of Lake Michigan's lost queens. It takes them to the remote waters of Lake Superior where they risk their lives to determine the identity of yet another lost ship. And it takes us into the forgotten life of a brave and stubborn woman who lived, and died, on these wild waters. Whether her presence cursed these lost ships, or a more earthly explanation can be found, the Great Lakes reputation as a graveyard for mariners stands firm.

Shipwreck Moorings

Team of elite divers have attached two moorings on the Milwaukee Carferry and one mooring on the Prins Willem shipwrecks. The St. Albans tagline has been brought up to the surface now, unfortunately, the nearby EMBA mooring was probably torn away in a violent storm. The shipwrecks around the Great Lakes will once again take these grunt divers on a journey of repairing moorings. Here are a few pictures.

Thank you Kimm Stabelfeldt and Rick Hake for helping with the moorings this last weekend and Capt. Jerry Guyer for attaching the Dredge #6 mooring.


2011 Schedule

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See you underwater!

Capt. Jitka Hanakova
Lubo Valuch (Capt. in training)
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