There are a couple of openings to Milwaukee shipwrecks this weekend. The weather is going to be sunny and warmer again by tomorrow.

Milwaukee Carferry
The Milwaukee Carferry was built in 1903 as the “Manistique Marquette And Northern 1”. With 52 passengers and cargo of 2 cars of bathtubs, 1 car of automobiles, 1 of cheese, 1 of grits, 1 of corn, 1 of butter, 1 of veneer, 2 cars of lumber, 2 cars of canned peas, 3 cars of barley, 3 cars of salt and 7 cars of feed she left Milwaukee for Grand Haven but unfortunately sailed into a storm and sunk.  The Great Lakes are known for quickly changing weather conditions, storms that create sudden large waves sometimes walls of unpredictable waves in a very short time. Visit Silent Helm website for more info.

This 338ft steel shipwreck sits quite intact on the bottom of Lake Michigan 7 miles off of Milwaukee.  This is a popular dive destination as there are plenty of things to explore such as the pilot house, railcars, cars, or bath tubs. Penetration of the boiler room, engine room, and crew quarters is possible for the trained and experienced. Watch a video by Lubo Valuch.

More openings for 2011:

See you underwater!

Capt. Jitka Hanakova
Lubo Valuch (Capt. in training)
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