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This Weekend
The forecast predicts the seas calming by this Sunday, April 22nd, with abundant sunshine and there are still three openings to the Milwaukee Carferry and the Willie shipwrecks! 9AM departure from the McKinley marina.

Ghost Ships Festival 2012
We hope you enjoyed the Ghost Ships Festival in Milwaukee if you were there and we talked to many of you by our booth and gave an informative talk about the Florida, W.C. Franz, and M.H. Gilbert shipwrecks on Saturday. Now that we have talked plenty about diving it is time to go diving!

This Summer
We have exciting trips scheduled this summer and spots still opened if you haven't had a chance to sign up.

  • May and 1st part of June will include trips out of Milwaukee. Czech the dive schedule often for updates. We can also run trips during the week and in the evenings by request.
  • 1 opening 6/21 to 6/24 - recreational trip to Straits of Mackinac - special price - email Duane Johnson if interested
  • 7/12 to 7/30 are open for your trips and locations of your choice. Please contact us where you'd like to go diving.
  • 2 openings 8/5 to 8/8 - technical trip to Whitefish Bay, MI - special price - contact Dale at Sea Level Scuba
  • 5 openings August 9 to 12 - technical trip to Presque Isle, MI
  • Molly will return to Milwaukee for Labor Day weekend and will run dive trips from Milwaukee in Sept. and Oct.

New Discoveries?
The plan is to go find new shipwrecks this year and in upcoming years. We'd like to take you diving to these news discoveries so stay tuned!

We have been diligently getting ready all the necessary support equipment for our new upgraded Klein sidescan sonar such as the winch and the boom. We have researched specific shipwreck locations around Milwaukee for our sidescan searches.

Molly V Improvements
Molly has undergone a few updates - you will notice new bench boards, new longer antenna, and whole boat cleaned! Now we just need some divers! :o)

Please let us know if you have any questions.

See you underwater!

Capt. Jitka Hanáková

Capt. Dave Sutton

Shipwrecks Explorers LLC

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Ghost Ships 2012

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