May 2013 Newsletter

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Surface temperatures are about 50F by Milwaukee and it is supposed to be flat calm lake this weekend! Time to go diving!

Upcoming Openings

  • Sat 5/25 @ 10AM departure (4 openings) - Willie / Dredge #6
  • Sun 5/26 @ 10AM departure (3 openings) - Milwaukee Carferry

The summer Online Schedule is continuously updated with additional trips and current openings.

Milwaukee Carferry

Sailed off into a storm, bound Milwaukee for Grand Haven, and was lost. Theory is that rail cars came loose in gale and crashed through her seagate, allowing water to come in over the stern and sink her. Her skipper apparently turned back for Milwaukee, but never made it.

A 318 foot steel railroad car ferry was loaded with 27 box cars and 52 passengers. This is a popular dive destination as there are plenty of things to explore such as railcars, cars, or bath tubs. Penetration is possible for the trained and experienced.

Milwaukee Carferry

Dredge #6

Foundered in a storm, capsized and sank on May 23rd, 1956 while in tow of tug E. James Fusik. 9 souls were lost.

This large crane barge sits upside down and is held off the bottom with her boom. Divers can reach her top already at 30ft and the bottom is at about 70ft. It is a great introductory dive where diver can observe the barge's machinery and structure. It offers overhead swim-throughs, but because the barge is upside down, divers need to exercise caution as not to get disoriented and lost.

Dredge Num6

Prins Willem V aka "Willie"

She collided with the towed barge Sinclair XII, in tow of the tug Sinclair Huston (or Sinclair Chicago), and sank with a 20x8 foot hole in her side. Her crew of 30 were rescued by the Coast Guard cutter Hollyhook.

Known as the "Willie" this is one of the most popular wrecks in Milwaukee. She lies intact on its starboard side at about 80ft with penetrations possible for the trained and experienced divers. The top side of the wreck can be reached at about 56ft making it a good beginner wreck diving site. While diving this wreck divers can observe the ship in its entirety including a mast on an angle, pilot house, companion ways, and the skylights into the engine room. There are barrels left behind in the cargo holds from when attempts to raise the ship were made. Her bow has been slowly getting berried into the bottom creating an interesting clay wall around. The stern shows the name of the ship and divers have been keeping it clean from algae bloom, zebra and quagga mussels. One of the propellers and smoke stacks are available for viewing at Jerry's Guyer Marina on the Milwaukee river. Overall this is a very exiting dive site for a dive or two or many.


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