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Trips around the Eastern Lake Michigan area are possible as a result of the time and efforts dedicated by Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates. Thank you for sharing the shipwreck locations!

Manistique, MI (1.5 hr west of Mackinac bridge)
Manistique is a city in the Upper Peninsula of the U.S. state of Michigan. The city lies on the north shore of Lake Michigan, at the southwest corner of Manistique Township, but is politically autonomous. Manistique was founded where the Manistique River flows into Lake Michigan, forming somewhat of a natural harbor, which has since been improved with breakwaters, dredging, and a lighthouse. The river also provides water for a paper mill, Manistique Papers, which forms a large portion of the local economy. The city is also the first setting of the musical The Christmas Schooner.

Where to stay?

  • Colonial Motel - this is a nice clean comfy place operated by Bob and Bonnie Vincent

Paradise, MI (east most corner of Lake Superior by Whitefish Bay, MI)
Whitefish Bay is a large bay on the eastern end of the southern shore of Lake Superior between Michigan and Ontario. It begins in the north and west at Whitefish Point in Michigan, about 10 miles north of Paradise, Michigan and ends at the St. Marys River at Sault Ste. Marie on the southeast. The eastern side of the bay on the Ontario side is more rugged, largely wilderness Canadian Shield. The international boundary runs through the bay, which is heavily used by shipping traffic northbound and southbound from the Soo Locks. The Whitefish Point Light marks the entry of the bay, Ile Parisienne Light is in the middle of the bay, and Point Iroquois Light lies near the mouth of the bay and the approach of the Soo Locks.

Visit the local Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at the tip of Whitefish Point. It is a critical turning point for all vessel traffic entering and leaving this largest of all the Great Lakes, which explains many of the shipwrecks in the area. Inside of it you will find an exhibit describing many of the shipwreck disasters and displaying shipwreck artifacts including the Edmund Fitzgerald bell and newtsuit used to recover the bell. The museum also has other displays including the history of the Coast Guard life saving station with a wooden lifeboat, lightkeeper's house, crews quarters, and others.

Where to stay?

Presque Isle (between Rogers City and Alpena, MI)
Presque Isle is a small unincorporated community within the township located near the shore of Lake Huron. It is approximately 15 miles north of Alpena, and 15 miles south of Rogers City. The community and the township are named for Presque Isle (literally, "almost an island") which is French for "peninsula". A large part of the township consists of that peninsula, with Lake Huron on the east and Grand Lake on the west and narrows strips of land connecting it to the mainland at the north and south ends. The community of Presque Isle is situated near the center of this peninsula. The infamous "haunted" (according to local rumor) Old Presque Isle Lighthouse is located near this settlement and is open to the public. The New Presque Isle Lighthouse was built in 1870.
The marina is just a few miles north of the Presque Isle township.

Presque Isle Harbor / Marina
Molly V leaves from the boat ramp at Presque Isle Harbor to go to the Presque Isle area shipwrecks. Exception: we leave from Harrisville, MI to go to the Franz shipwreck.
Address: across the street from the Portage Restaurant & Pizza Shop, 5529 E Grand Lake Rd, Presque Isle, MI 49777 • Phone: (989) 595-6051 • Stop by there and say hi to Kathy and also get one of the best ice creams in Michigan!
Directions: from Alpena

Where to stay?

What to do in Presque Isle (besides diving)?
You can go visit the Great Lakes Lore Maritime Museum in Rogers City. This museum is full of artifacts and heartbreaking stories as many of the men in big maritime disasters came from this town - Carl D. Bradley, Cedarville, and Edmund Fitzgerald. Take a look at the wall outside as well with large drawings of the ships. Near by the harbor you can visit the museums in the new and old lighthouse and climb up the stairs for a spectacular view of the peninsula. Then take a nature walk around the lake and enjoy this remote part of the country. You can also visit NOAA Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena. See the Presque Isle Harbor Association for more information.

Important Note: South Haven and Saugatuck, MI are about 20 miles from each other. We will be leaving from South Haven to go to the Hennepin shipwreck, and Saugatuck to go to the H.C. Ackeley and S.S. Michigan. You may choose to stay in or near by Saugatuck, MI the whole trip and travel to South Haven to dive to Hennepin or stay in South Haven and Saugatuck. Plan your trips accordingly!

Saugatuck (northeast of Chicago)
Originally a lumber town and port, Saugatuck, along with the adjacent village of Douglas became a noted art colony and tourist destination in the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century. Today, tourists are drawn to the art galleries, harbor, marinas, scenery, unusual stores, the view from atop Mount Baldhead, and tourist attractions as well as Oval Beach on Lake Michigan, which enjoys a worldwide reputation. Nearby are Saugatuck Dunes State Park and Allegan State Game Area as is the city of Holland.

Saugatuck Marina / Harbor
Molly V leaves from the Butler Restaurant transient dock at the Singapore Yacht Club to go to the H.C. Ackeley and S.S. Michigan and from South Haven to go to the Hennepin.
Address: 40 Butler Street, Saugatuck, MI 49453 • 269 857-3501 • Stop by at Butler for a bite to eat or a drink and say hi to Todd White, owner of Butler and a fellow scuba diver.

Where to stay?

What to do in Saugatuck (besides diving)?

Visit the Keewatin Maritime Museum in Saugatuck. This exhibit will take you on a tour though the Keewatin passenger steamship that's on the water docked close to the Saugatuck-Douglas bridge. If you have more time, about 130 miles north of Saugatuck in Manistee, MI is a spectacular museum the S.S. City of Milwaukee, sistership to the Carferry Milwaukee.

South Haven Marina / Boat Ramp

Molly V leaves from the Black River Marina to go to the Hennepin shipwreck. South Haven municipal marinas.
Address: E. Wells Street, South Haven, MI • Coordinates: 42.409711,-86.271218

Where to stay?

Holland was founded by Dutch Americans, and is in an area that has a large percentage of citizens of Dutch American heritage who live in communities. A quasi-Dutch culture is commercially promoted throughout Holland government and majority population. The city is home to the Holland Museum, which selects the Dutch theme for all three museums owned by the city. Each May Holland hosts an annual Tulip Time Festival. Tulip planting and the festival began in 1930 when 250,000 tulips were planted for the event. Currently six million tulips are used throughout the city. Tulips are planted along many city streets, in city parks and outside municipal buildings as well as at tourist attractions like Dutch Village, the city-owned Windmill Island Gardens, and at a large tulip farm named Veldheer Tulip Gardens.

South Haven
Because of its position on Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the Black River, South Haven has always been a port city. During settlement, major ship lines stopped there, both passenger and freight.

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