3/28 Milwaukee Journal Sentinnel - Green Sheet - Alice E. Wilds
7/22 Fox 6 Now - Wreck hunters say they’ve discovered 133-year-old shipwreck in Lake Michigan
5/15 On 12WISN TV - Spring is best time to check out shipwrecks in Lake Michigan
3/20 Deep Blue in Milwaukee Magazine
March Les epaves du detroit de Mackinac, dans I'Etat du Michigan - E Profondeur Magazine
Summer Shipwreck Journal - Survey of A.A. Parker Reveals a Fascinating Shipwreck
Sept. MI 9&10 News - Visiting The A.A. Parker At The Bottom Of Lake Superior
Sept. Diving in Paradise in North America Dive News
11/22 Milwaukee Fox 6 News - Milwaukee divers search for missing shipwrecks in Lake Michigan
5/10 "Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes" by National Geographic available at Amazon Instant Video or Amazon DVD
3/31 In search of a Great Lakes ghost ship - Great Lakes Echo by By Mallory McKnight
3/24 Interview on WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio with Mitch Tech - Lake Effects
3/24 Ghost Ships Festival explores Great Lakes mysteries, new discoveries -
3/21 Milwaukee Fox 6 Wakeup News
3/10 Inteview about Ghost Ships on Clear Channel Milwaukee with Justin Earl
2/27 Bayview Compass
  L.R. Doty song by Testa Rosa band
  L.R. Doty rendering by Cal Kothrade (purchase under Digital Art for $20 from Cal)
  L.R. Doty Discovery - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - June, 2010
  L.R. Doty overview - Brendon's website
  L.R. Doty Discovery - Midwest Dive News pg. 16
  L.R. Doty Discovery - Google
  L.R. Doty post - The Deco Stop
08/2009 Carl D. Bradley Expedition by Mel Clark - Advanced Diver Magazine


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