Tennie & Laura (1876)

The Tennie & Laura was discovered in 1999 while searching for the lost fish tug Linda E off Port Washington.

Other Names:none
Official Number:145115
Vessel Built:1876, Gunder Jorgenson, Manitowoc, WI
Vessel Specifications:73x19x5, 57g 54n
Type of Vessel:Scow-Schooner
Depth to Deck:300 ft (91m)
Depth to Bottom:318 ft (96m)
How it Sunk:Built in 1876 by Gunder Jorgenson in Manitowoc, the 73-foot scow schooner was bound for Milwaukee from Muskegon, Michigan with a load of lumber on August 2, 1903, when she founded in a storm off Port Washington, taking one of her crew with her. Resting in over 300 feet of water, this small scow schooner has only been tentatively identified as the Tennie & Laura. As the most intact scow schooner located to date in Wisconsin waters, this site holds unlimited potential to learn about how these unique vessels were constructed, as well as how sailors lived and worked aboard small Lake Michigan coasting schooners.
Loss Type:Foundered, storm
Date of Loss:1903, Aug. 2
Place of Loss:NE of off Milwaukee
Vessel Cargo:Lumber
Lives Loss:1 of 2
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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