She lies in 200 feet of water upright and very intact. The Lakeland carried a cargo of cars and packaged goods including Canadian whiskey.

Other Names:Built as CAMBRIA, renamed in 1910
Official Number:126420
Vessel Built:1887, Globe Iron Works, Cleveland
Vessel Specifications:280x40x20, 1878g 1378n
Type of Vessel:Freighter
Depth to Deck:165 ft (50m)
Depth to Bottom:200 ft (60m)
How it Sunk:Converted from a bulk freighter to a combination passenger and package freight steamer in 1910, she sprang a leak and foundered. Foul play (insurance fraud) was suspected, but was never proven. She was one of the first three steamers on the Great Lakes to have a triple expansion engine.
Loss Type:Foundered
Date of Loss:1924, Dec. 4
Place of Loss:Off Sturgeon Bay, WI
Vessel Cargo:New automobiles
Lives Loss:none
References:Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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