The Hamilton was built in 1847, by Crockett, at Oswego. She had a length of 113 feet, a beam of 22 feet, and a depth of almost 9 feet. The Hamilton and her sister-ship The Titan, were part of the Red Bird Line. Subsequently, their hulls were painted blood red.

Other Names:None
Official Number:11286
Vessel Built:1847, Crockett, Oswego, NY
Vessel Specifications:113ft x 22ft x 9ft
Type of Vessel:Wooden Schooner
Depth to Deck:250 ft (76m)
Depth to Bottom:270 ft (82m)
How it Sunk:She was struck by heavy seas and sprung a leak. The men tried to save her for 18 hours and barely escaped with just their lives.
Loss Type:Storm
Date of Loss:November 16, 1873
Place of Loss:Off of Saugatuck, MI
Vessel Cargo:Lumber
Lives Loss:None
References:Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates
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