L.R. Doty

The L.R. Doty sits at 320ft of water off of Oak Creek, WI. Shipwreck Explorers discovered this shipwreck in 2010 after re-locating the original Loran coordinates that Jerry Guyer acquired from local fisherman in 1991 and was able to share with us. The L.R. Doty is intact with the steel cabin boilers still intact. Divers can see her rudder with water depth marks by it, yawl boat, beautiful bow with anchors, and much more. Penetration is also possible but it is very silty inside. Due to the depth this is considered advanced expedition diving and divers need proper training and equipment.

Other Names:none
Official Number:141272
Vessel Built:1893, F.W. Wheeler, W Bay City, MI
Vessel Specifications: 291x41x20 2050g 1709n
Type of Vessel:Wooden Steamer
Depth to Deck:300 ft (91m)
Depth to Bottom:320 ft (98m)
How it Sunk:The Doty was one of six nearly identical sisters, including the steamers William F. Sauber, C.F. Bielman, Tampa, Iosco and Uganda. She was built of white oak with a hull length of 291 ft., a beam of 41 ft. and a depth of 19.8 ft., with a capacity of 2056.34 gross tons. She had nine deck hatches and was built with a tall fore-mast, on which she could set canvas, if necessary. The Doty was built with steel arches embedded in the sides of her hull in order to provide the additional stability necessary for a wooden hull of her size.
Loss Type:Storm
Date of Loss:October 25, 1898
Place of Loss:Off of Oak Creak / Milwaukee, WI
Vessel Cargo:Corn
Lives Loss:17
References:Brendon Baillod's Website, Shipwreck File by Dave Swayze
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